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Plastic Welding

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Prosteel has been a leading plastic pipe installer since our early days.

Benefiting from a good partnership with both Agru and George Fisher products, we have been trained by both companies.

Expert Plastic Welders

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Well Equipped for all Plastics

We own our own SG 160 and SG 110 sets, along with another two Aquatherm sets and have the ability to do Electro fusion  / butt fusion /  Socket fusion / solvent cement / hand welding
in polypropylene, PVDF, ABS, PVC, HDPE and MDPE.


Wide Range of Skills & Applications

We have done many projects, from complete chemical plants to small plastic repairs.

We have worked on a wide range of uses for chemical, pharmaceutical, fire suppression, effluent's and acids, as well as water.

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