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Orbital Welding


With a colour screen giving hundreds of weld parameters, perfect welds can be obtained time after time with printouts to prove perfect welds for welders logs.
We have a dedicated van which is set up, with orbital equipment.  We own an orbitialium 165 as well as a centaur set, both complete with full pipe purging equipment, oxygen meter and butt log printer.

Trained & Equipped Orbital Welders


Fully Equipped for Every Job

We come equipped with a complete data pack which has been FDA approved for use at several comapanies.  Weld procedures, welders quals, full 3.1 materials certs welders logs, as well as cleaning certs pickle and passivation gives our clients a full package.


All the Right Tools

We also have all the other ancillaries, including GF RA cutters right up to 460 m/m, so cutting can be carried out squarely on site.

Computer controlled Welded Samples and even a demo of this service is available.


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